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Fred M. & Anita Bruni Community Center is one of nine community centers that are under the directions of the County Judge and Commissioners Court. Commissioner Jaime Canales is the commissioner for Precinct #4 which is where Fred M. & Anita Bruni Community Center is located.

The community center is a place where families can come for assistance in many different ways. We have a number of different organizations that assist our community with medical services for elderly and children, such as Mercy Ministries, Healthy Start and City of Laredo. We also have Texas Workforce Mobile Unit who provides services to the community by assisting in job placement once a month. UISD Tech Mobile Unit also provides English classes to the community.

Our center is also equipped with a technology lab that has computers to assist residents of all ages with research on the internet, write papers and reports for school. Our center is also equipped with a fax and a copy machine that our residents use to correspond with companies on a daily basis.

Our elderly congregate at our center playing Lottery, Art & Crafts, and Zumba Monday thru Friday. They also receive a hot meal through the Elderly Nutrition Program. Every Tuesday the center distributes bread and other items that are donated by South Texas Food Bank.

There are many events that take place on a monthly basis, anywhere from Halloween parties, Christmas parties to different providers hosting meetings for residents in this area.

Please feel free to come by the center anytime and ask what events are taking place. We are here to help you in the best way possible. With your help we can continue to provide these exceptional services and bring many more to your reach.

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