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The Webb County Pre-Trial Services provide community safety through structured supervision of defendants while on pre-trial status; provide a means of release of eligible persons held in custody with a personal bond, sureties, magistrate and judges orders as condition of release; contribute to the on-going collaborative efforts of jail population management; and address cost recovery where viable.

- Pre-Trial Interview
- GPS Monitoring  
- Out/In-patient Substance Abuse Referrals
- Special Supervision - Regular Supervision
- Indigent Court Appointed Attorneys
        Texas Fair Defense Act
        Webb County Applications / Affidavit
        Request to remain on the Criminal Court Appointment List
        Attorney Fee Voucher
        Exemption Form
         Webb County Fee Schedule
         Attorney Reporting Instructions and Form
- Central Magistrations
- Webb County Indigent Defense Plan(s)  
        (A) Felony & Misdemeanor Plan
        (B) Juvenile Plan       

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