Parents play a critical role in the success of a child’s education. As a Justice of the Peace I can help your child achieve academic success on his or her attendance record.


Students who are at least six years of age, or who have been previously enrolled in first grade, and who have not yet reached their eighteenth birthday shall attend school for the entire period the program is offered, unless exempted as indicated below, Students enrolled in prekindergarten or kindergarten shall attend school.


If a warning notice is issued, a parent or person standing in parental relation with criminal negligence fails to require the child to attend school as required by law, and the child has absences for the amount of time specified under Education Code 25.094, the attendance officer ( see FED) or other appropriate school official shall file a complaint against him or her in an appropriate court, as permitted under education Code 25.093.

Yours in the interest of the Children,


Court Cost $74.00
Court Fine $250.00

Fines may vary as per Judge's decision. Community Service may be applied.

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