The Texas Constitution specifies that the Commissioner’s Court is the governing body of the County and is to carry out the administrative and judicial responsibilities for the state. The main functions performed by the County Commissioner’s Court are:

• To develop and adopt the County’s Budget

• To set the County tax rate.

• To supervise and control the county courthouse, county buildings, county jail and facilities.

• To hold general and special elections.

• To fill vacancies for certain elected and appointed positions.

• To appoint certain boards and commissions.

• To establish County investment policy and issue bonds.

• To authorize contracts in the name of the County.

• To provide local government for rural residents.

• To oversee the construction, maintenance and improvement of county roads and bridges.

• To provide health care and legal defense for the indigent.

 • To provide and administer libraries, parks, a county hospital, and support for paupers.

• To appoint non-elected department heads and standing committees.

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