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Texas Department of Family Protective Services

Support Staff

Ms. Ana Morales

Ms. Yolanda Ramos

Ms. Erica Rodriguez


Mr. Vidal Hinojosa

Division Attorneys

Mr. Ruben Arce

Ms. Karla V. Arce

Mr. Timothy Bland

Mr. Ernesto Cavazos, Jr.

Ms. Lorraine Laurel

Mr. Enrique Pellegrin

      The Webb County Attorney’s Office has six attorneys who represent the Texas Department Family Protective Services in all litigations in Webb County which involve child abuse. These cases initiate when a reporter has alleged abuse or neglect and the department then seeks court intervention. These attorneys handle civil suits in child cases in which parental rights are terminated, modified and in suits where an appropriate person is seeking to adopt.

      The litigation can also result in the placement of children with relatives or in other appropriate living arrangements. Additionally, it can result in the return of a child to a parent, if the reason for the abuse or neglect has been alleviated. Their goal is to assure that all children in Webb County will be protected and that they will reside in a safe and secure home.

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