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Juvenile Division

Support Staff

Ms. Joanna Diaz

Ms. Dolores Flores

Ms. Cecilia Guzman

Ms. Ana McCoy

Ms. Yvonne Negrete


Mr. Faustino "Tino" Lopez

Mr. Jose Ramirez

Ms. Cynthia Renteria

Mr. Rick Romo

Division Attorneys

Mr. Ruben Arce

Ms. Karla V. Arce

Mr. Timothy Bland

Mr. Ernesto Cavazos, Jr.

Mr. Enrique Pellegrin

Ms. Lorraine Laurel

Mr. Jorge Trevino

      The Webb County Attorney’s Juvenile Division handles a variety of felony and misdemeanor cases ranging from assault to Capital Murder committed by juveniles between the ages of ten (10) and under seventeen (17) years of age. The types of crimes committed by juveniles include but are not limited to, domestic violence, protective orders, theft, terroristic threats, theft, robbery, and minor drug offenses. The juvenile division deals with the youngest section of society who can be charged with a criminal offense. Unlike the adult criminal justice system, which is generally punitive in nature, the focus in the juvenile system is on the specific rehabilitative needs of the juvenile offender along with the need for public safety.

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