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Law Library
1110 Victoria St. Suite 105
Laredo, Texas 78040
Phone: 956-523-4267
Fax: 956-523-5025
Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm
Closed Weekends and Holidays
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  • Law Libarary Pic

Are only lawyers allowed to use the law library?
No. The law library is open to the public as well as the legal community. Although the form books and other materials are intended for use by practicing lawyers, individuals representing themselves “pro se” are welcomed to use them at their own risk.

Can the Law Library staff help me with my legal problems?
No. The extent that the law library can help you is to direct you to the appropriate resources and materials. They may not tell you how to proceed with your case or interpret the law or give you legal advice.

Can the Law Library help me decide which form to use with my legal proceedings?
No. A person who is not an attorney may not interpret the law nor give legal advice. That would be the unauthorized practice of law, and thus against the law. Even a licensed attorney hired by the county as the Law Librarian, may not give legal advice because that would create an attorney-client relationship which is prohibited.

Can the Law Library staff help me fill out a form that I have decided to use in my case?
No. The Library staff is not allowed to do so for the same reasons listed in previous question.

Can the Law Library recommend an attorney for me?
No. The Library staff may not in any circumstance recommend an attorney. They may, however, provide you with a directory in which you choose an attorney.

Can I check out the books found at the law library?
No. The only individuals allowed to check out books are attorneys as established by Commissioner’s Court 1991 ruling. However, the public may use or make copies as allowed by copyright laws.

Do you have computers and typewriters for the public to use?
Yes. Currently, we have two computers and one typewriter for public use. However, patrons must comply with the restrictions imposed by library. Check Library Services for details.

Do you have a conference room for attorneys or the public to use?
No. Unfortunately we do not have a conference room to hold meetings or depositions.

Note: The forms available at the library are intended for use by licensed Texas attorneys. They are not intended for use by the general public because they may involve complex legal issues requiring an attorney's expertise. Use at your own risk.

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