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  • Law Libarary Pic

Erisman’s Reversible Errors in Texas Criminal Cases (McColl & McColloch)
Open Meetings Handbook 2004 (Tx OAG)
Public Information Handbook 2004 (Tx OAG)
Public Officers:Traps for the Unwary 2004 Ed. (Tx OAG)
Shepard’s Case Name Citator-Southwestern Reporter(Matthew Bender)
Summary Judgments in Texas 3rd Ed. (LexisNexis)
Texas Business and Commerce Code 2004 (West)
Texas (Annotated) Business and Commerce Code 2004 (LexisNexis)
Texas Causes of Action 2004 Ed. (O’Connors)
Texas Civil Practice (Carlson & MacDonald)
Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code Plus 2003-2004 Ed. (O’Connors)
Texas Courthouse Guide 2003 (Trial Lawyer)
Texas Courtroom Criminal Evidence (LexisNexis)
Texas  Courtroom Evidence 5th Ed. (Michie)
Texas Criminal Code Plus 2003-2004 (O’Connors)
Texas Criminal & Motor Vehicle Code 2004 Ed. (West)
Texas Criminal Offenses and Defenses 3rd Ed.(West)
Texas Criminal & Traffic Law Manual 2003-2004 Ed. (LexisNexis)
Texas Criminal Jury Charges (James Publishing),2003 Ed.
Texas Criminal Lawyers Handbook (James Publishing),2003 Ed.
Texas Criminal Procedure- Code & Rules   2004 Ed.(West)
Texas Criminal Practice Guide (Matthew Bender)
Texas Criminal Reports
Texas Court of Appeals Reports
Texas Digest 1st Series (West)
Texas Digest 2nd Series(West)
Texas Drunk Driving Law 4th Ed. (LexisNexis)
Texas Evidence Collection Protocol (TX OAG)
Texas Evidentiary Foundations 2nd Ed. (LexisNexis)
Texas Family Code 2004 Ed. (West)
Texas Family Code Plus 2003-2004 (O’Connors)
Texas Family Law (Matthew Bender)
Texas Family Law Litigation Handbook 2003-2004 (LexisNexis)
Texas Family Law Practice Manual 2Ed. (State Bar)
Texas Forms (West’s)
Texas General and Special Laws(West)
Texas Guardianship Manual (State Bar)
Texas Jur III  (West)
Texas (Annotated) Labor and Employment Code 2004 (LexisNexis)
Texas Law Finder 2003 Ed. (West)
Texas Legal Directory 2001 Ed.
Texas Legal Practice Forms 2d Ed (West)
Texas Litigation Guide (Matthew Bender)
Texas Local Government Code 2004 Ed. (West)
Texas Motion Practice Handbook (Knowles)
Texas Municipal Zoning Law 3rd Ed.(Lexis)
Texas Objections (James )
Texas Pattern Jury Charges (State Bar )
Business, Consumer & Employment 2002 Ed.

Family 2003 Ed.

General Negligence 2002 Ed.

General Negligence & Motor vehicles 2002 Ed.

Malpractice, Premises & Products 2002 Ed.

Texas Penal Code Ann. 2004 Ed. (West)
Texas Personal Injury Handbook 2004 (LexisNexis)
Texas Practice (West)
Texas Practice Guide (West)
         Business Entities

         Business Transactions

         Business and Commercial Litigation

         Civil Appeals

         Civil Pretrial

         Civil Trial

         Creditor’s Rights

         Criminal Practice & Procedure


         Employment Practice



         Financial Transactions

         Insurance Litigation

         Personal Injury 2d


         Real Estate Litigation

         Real Estate Transactions


         Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Texas Pretrial Practice (JamesPub)  
Texas Pretrial Procedure (Dorsaneo’s)
Texas Probate Code 2004 Ed. (West)
Texas Probate Code Plus 2003-2004 Ed. (O’Connors)
Texas Probate System (State Bar)
Texas Property Code 2004 (West)
Texas Real Estate Forms (State Bar)
Texas Reports
Texas Rules-Civil Trials (O’Connors) 2004 Ed.
Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure Ann. 2004 Ed. (West)
Texas Rules of Court-Local 2004 Ed. (West)
Texas Rules of Court-State 2004 Ed. (West)
Texas Rules of Evidence Handbook, 5th Ed. (Jones McClure)
Texas Rules of Evidence Trial Handbook (LexisNexis)
Texas School Law Bulletin 2004 Ed. (West)
Texas Sentencing 4th Ed. (Lexis)
Texas Transaction Guide (Matthew Bender)
Texas Trial Handbook 3d (West)
The Complete Guide to Mechanic’s & Materialmen’s Lien Law of Texas 4th Ed. (Lexis)
The Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (LexisNexis)
Trial Lawyers Series
     Tx Damages

     Tx Depositions

     Tx Discovery

     Tx Evidence

Vernon’s-Civil Statutes
Vernon’s Texas Code Annotated

     Alcoholic Beverage

     Business and Commerce

     Civil Practice and Remedies 






     Health and Safety

     Human Resources


     Local Government

     Natural Resources

     Parks and Wildlife







Vernon’s Texas Statutes and Codes-Tables
Vernon’s Texas Statutes Annotated
Vernon’s Texas Code Forms Annotated
Vernon’s Texas Rules Annotated (Civil)

The Law Library has various pamphlets provided by the Office of the Attorney General. They are for in- house use only.
A few of the titles include:
Pro Se Divorce Handbook, (also available in Spanish)
How to Sue in Small Claims Court
Tenant’s Rights Handbook
Texas Criminal Justice Process


Baylor Law Review (1953-55, 1960 –current)
Houston Law Review (1986 – current)
Saint Mary’s Law Journal (1969 – current)
South Texas Law Review (1969 – current)
Southern Methodist University School of Law (1970 – 1994)
Texas Tech Law Review (1973 – current)
Texas Law Review (1970 – current)

Hispanic Business (1994 – current)
Texas Bar Journal (1973 – current)
* Many other Law Reviews, Periodicals & other Legal materials may be found through our online subscription. Check Library for particular materials.

Note: The forms available at the library are intended for use by licensed Texas attorneys. They are not intended for use by the general public because they may involve complex legal issues requiring an attorney's expertise. Use at your own risk.

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